Registered Owner Appointments

*Same day appointments are not available*

Please take a moment to review the Frequently Asked Questions below
for your appointment to go smoothly.


My vehicle just got repossessed, what do I do now?
If you are trying to redeem your vehicle, you will have to get in contact with your finance company and make arrangements with them. AGR does not dictate whether you get your vehicle back or how long it stays on our lot.

If you are only trying to retrieve your personal property, please click on the "make an appointment" button above.

What forms of ID's do you accept?
AGR only accepts valid state/government issued identification. School/work ID's will not be accepted.

What type of payment do you accept?
AGR accepts exact cash only.

How do I get directions to your facility?
Once your appointment has been confirmed, the address will be sent to you.

I have the address to your facility; how do I get there?
We recommend using Google Maps for accurate directions.

How long do appointments take?
Appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes. On average it takes 10 mins to complete an appointment.

Why does it say you "can't find my VIN" at any of your locations?
Vehicles can take up to 24 hours to process. The unit may not be processed when you are attempting to schedule the appointment. Please try again in a few hours.

How do I get my personal property back?
You must make an appointment to retrieve your personal property. You can do so by clicking here ***WALK IN'S WILL NOT BE SEEN***

Why are you touching my personal property?
Pursuant to Florida state statue 493.6404, we are legally obligated to complete an accurate inventory of such personal effects or property and securely store such property for up to 45 days.

Why do I have to pay to get MY own personal property back?!
Please understand that there is a hard cost for us to inventory and store your personal property while it is in our possession. Depending on your finance company, you may or may not have to pay fees. You will be advised in writing when your appointment is confirmed.

My medication and/or vehicle seat is in the vehicle, do I still need an appointment?
If you have medication in the vehicle and you cannot wait, please call our office for further instructions. We ask that you have the name of the medication and location in the vehicle available for the person answering the call.

I am unable make it to the appointment to pick up my personal property. May I send someone else in my place?
AGR will allow for your personal property to be picked up by someone else, with a copy of the Registered Owners DL and a notarized letter giving permission to the person of your choice to pick up the personal property in your vehicle. The notarized letter should state that you give permission for FIRST & LAST Name (name of authorized person) to obtain the personal items from the YEAR, MAKE, MODEL & Last six digits of the VIN. A copy of the Registered Owner's ID as well as a copy of the person picking up the property will be required.

Why can't I take the property out of the vehicle myself?
While that would save us a lot of time and money, unfortunately it is not possible. Aside from the liability of allowing people on our lot, we are required by the state to make an inventory of the belongings and store them for 45 days.

I paid my finance company and a release has been sent to you. Why do I have to wait to get my vehicle back?
Please understand that we have a contractual obligation to your finance company to thoroughly process your vehicle post repossession. This includes but not limited to: Vehicle condition report, inventory of all personal belongings in the vehicle, pictures, inventory list of personal property, and a video inspection. Furthermore, your vehicle is very likely to be blocked in by other vehicles.

We require at least a 24-hour notice to be able to properly process the vehicle and pull the vehicle to make it accessible for redemption.

I am unable to make the appointment to redeem my vehicle, can I send someone else in my place?
AGR does not release vehicles to anyone other than the customer on the account, unless indicated otherwise on the release from your finance company. Please be advised that personal property is considered separate from the vehicle. Please review the above question for information on sending a third party to retrieve your personal property.

How much do I have to pay to get my vehicle back?
Depending on your finance company, you may or may not have to pay fees to the recovery agency. You will be advised in writing when your appointment is confirmed.

How many days does my vehicle stay on your lot for?
AGR does not control how long a vehicle stays on our lot. Your finance company determines when the vehicle will leave our lot.

I have aftermarket products such as wheels on my vehicle or an amp/speaker, can I retrieve them?
If your aftermarket product is attached (wired, bolted, glued) to the vehicle, it stays on the vehicle.

Why are your business hours listed as Monday through Friday from 9:00 - 5:00, but I can only make an appointment from 11:00am - 4:00pm?
We start and stop our appointment times to ensure we have enough time in the day to handle all our paperwork and process each vehicle. We understand that this can be a huge inconvenience to people, but it is necessary for us.

I'm running late, will I lose my appointment?
If you are running late, we will make every attempt to accommodate you. A waiting period may occur if other appointments are scheduled. We are unable to assist anyone who arrives after 4pm.

My name is on the loan, why aren't you showing that in your system?
If your name is on the account and we do not have a record of it, please reach out to your finance company and have them put your name on the release so we can release the vehicle/property back to you.

Why didn't you notify me before you picked up my vehicle or knock on my door at the time of repossession?
Please understand that collateral recovery can be very dangerous to the Recovery Agent performing the repossession. All our Agents are trained to avoid any type of contact while performing their duties to ensure their safety.

How did you open my vehicle without my key?
We use locksmithing tools to gain access inside the vehicle.

How do you dispose of important documents such as birth certificates and social security vehicles?
If the property is not redeemed after the 45 days, we use a third-party shredding company to destroy all the Non-Public Information (NPI) property documents.

Where are you storing my personal property? Is it secure?
All personal property (less all food, liquids, gels and aerosols deemed hazardous or unsound are disposed of to protect all stowed property) is stored in a secure area that is locked and monitored with security cameras.

Can you mail to me my personal property?
AGR does not mail personal property. Your property will have to be picked up at our location with a valid ID. You must make an appointment to retrieve your personal property. You can do so by clicking here ***WALK IN'S WILL NOT BE SEEN***

Can you deliver my vehicle back to me?
AGR does not deliver vehicles back to customers. All redemption's need to be done at our facility. You must make an appointment to retrieve your vehicle. You can do so by clicking here ***WALK IN'S WILL NOT BE SEEN***

Where can I request a copy of the documentation I am signing?
Please reach out to your finance company for a copy of your signed documents.

How can I get the personal property if the owner of the vehicle is deceased?
AGR will release personal property to the Informant listed on the Death Certificate w/a valid photo ID or the person who has Power of Attorney w/valid paperwork and photo ID.

Click the orange box below to request an appointment time to pick up your vehicle and/or personal items. If times are not available on a specific day that means all appointment slots have been filled. Please choose another day. All requests will be confirmed by the end of business the day before.

Thank you for your time and patience throughout these unprecedented times. Stay safe and healthy.
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